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Who am I?

My name is Yashoda and I’m a 26 year old female physician. I was born in Durban, South Africa (I’m a fifth generation South African!) then after a near death experience – my parents, my brother and I moved to Canada when I was 4 years old – to a very small town called Springdale, Newfoundland. From there, we moved to the Greater Toronto Area when I was 8 and that is my home base. I went to Dublin, Ireland for medical school straight after highschool and I worked for a year in Cork, Ireland. Being in Europe was awesome!!! After that I moved to Philadelphia, USA to do a year of surgical training with UPenn. Currently back in Toronto – Happy 150th Canada!

Where will I go to next? Follow me on my journey.

What is Why did I start this? 

Most people who I meet ask me a lot of questions, then they get intrigued with the answers and tell me I should write a book about my life- well this my version, this is my story – welcome to! ♥

I’m hoping to explore more on this blog as well as inviting you to travel with me to see new cities, try new food and drinks and to invoke conversation by asking you to reply to topics with your own thoughts and opinions.

I’ve decided to have 4 main focuses :

  1. Beauty – reviewing and exploring skincare and makeup, hair and nails! I was always attracted to makeup & nails growing up but skincare is a new area that we are now addicted to! I am approaching skincare from a medical perspective. This means that I am researching the health benefits of key ingredients in products and will be featuring this information along with the product review.
  2. Travel – Here, I will be featuring cities/hotels/attractions – join me on my adventures! So far, I’ve been to 47 countries and so many more to see! I really believe that travelling expands your horizons and being immersed in different cultures truly enriches your life. I’ve gained lots of perspective and it is the best way to really appreciate your surroundings and admire our beautiful home, planet Earth.IMG_0C562217286E-1
  3. Food & Drink – Yum, I’m hoping this will make you hungry! – I’ll be posting reviews of cafes/restaurants and also posting plant based recipes, with photos of course! I love to cook and bake and my taste testers usually give me two thumbs up, so I’d love to share as food feeds your soul and as the saying goes “the way to a man’s(/woman’s) heart is through their stomach”!.
  4. Lifestyle Blog – this will be about my day to day activities, upcoming events, what I’m currently listening to/favourite music, TV shows, movies and other random things.

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Come on this journey with me!
Thanks for reading/sharing/following. 

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