March 30th is National Doctor’s Day in USA!

This date was first observed way back in 1933, when general anesthesia was first used in surgery. On March 30th 1958, the US house of Representatives adopted the resolution to commemorate Doctor’s Day and in 1990, it was approved by the Congress and Senate with the final resolution signed by President George Bush.

This day is meant to celebrate the contribution, dedication and compassion that physicians put into their work. We spend many years getting educated and when we finally get the degree, there’s still more years of residency/fellowship training to complete and never ending exams to study for until we are deemed board certified. It is a very tough field to be in – workinIMG_1325g long and often unpredictable hours and it’s definitely not easy maintaining a healthy work-life balance = physician burn out.

Whenever people ask me about my job (currently doing a year of general surgery training), they are shocked about the hours that I work (often 80-90 hours a week) – working most weekends and only 2 weeks of vacation this year, they always ask me, so why do you do it? My answer every time is that it’s for the patients. There is something magical and fulfilling about examining a sick patient for the first time, operating on them, seeing them heal as an inpa
tient and subsequently following up in a few weeks to months in the office.

It’s often their gratitude and kind words that help get doctors through long shifts. Although, not all patients are thankful, many are rude, mean, will swear at me/others or demand things as if you are their personal servant. What I do not tolerate is those that just simply disregard me because either I’m a female or because I appear too young to be a doctor. But in any case, please remember that we are all humans and only wish and want the best outcomes for everyone, so please be respectful!

I want to especially recognize the commitment that doctors have for their patients, especially the ability to maintain their composure with tough patients in tough situations, the selfless dedication to come into work everyday to treat others despite not being in the best of health themselves and lastly, the compassion and care that doctors provide to help patients heal.



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