Written by Yashoda.

Name of Mask :

Arbutin Brightening Bubble Black Sheet Mask by Sasatinnie. Made in Taiwan.

Unique Ingredients :

Made with a unique micro-bubble particle technology. The micro-bubbles helps to penetrate deeper pores for a deeper clean.

Arbutin is a glycoside which is extracted from the bearberry plant, a group of dwarf shrubs that have edible fruit which is a favourite of bears! This glycoside inhibits tyrosinase, which is the rate-limiting step in controlling the production of melanin. Thus, it helps to improve skin tone by its lightening effect so skin becomes more radiant and healthy. The Sasa website states : With the help of Micro-bubbles, Arbutin enhances blood circulation and adds radiance to dull skin tones.

Licorice root extract comes from the plant Glycyrrhiza glabra, a native to Southern Europe and parts of Asia. The extract is made by boiling the root, evaporating most of the water and retaining the remaining syrup. For the skin, it contains two important active compounds: glabridin which is a natural skin lightener by inhibiting the production of melanin and licochalcone which calms and soothes acne-prone skin by controlling oil production as well as antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects.

Apple fruit extract nourishes skin to give more youthful complexion. It has astringent properties which can help shrink large pores and along with vitamin C, it is anti-aging and anti-acne. Being rich in natural alpha hydroxy acids, it helps skin to be brighter and smoother by sloughing off dull skin.

Pros :

  • Bubbling effect starts immediately when in contact with skin
  • ~90% of mask is covered in bubbles by the end of the 10 minutes
  • No scent
  • Nice small packaging, easy to tear open

Cons :

  • Bubbling noise gets annoying since it is so close to the ears
  • Skin was tingling the entire time
  • Unable to really feel relaxed with the bubbling sensation
  • Next day: new painful acne spots appeared on skin and hairline

My Review :

⅕ stars – will NOT use again due to painful acne spots that appeared the following morning after use on skin and along hairline.

Packaging was simple, attractive and slim. It was easy to tear open. The mask itself is black in colour and was slimy when putting onto skin.

Mask fits face well and stays on easily – did not have any problems with it sliding off.

I could feel the bubbling sensation on skin – a little bit eerie but you get used to it.

Also it started off without a tingle but then tingling started and continued the entire time while bubbling which was also concerning since it never subsided/stopped.

I kept on for 10 minutes and then washed off thoroughly with warm water as recommended.

Immediately afterwards – skin did appear brighter but was very dry and started feeling tight/pulling.

Following morning – skin had more acne (!!) and the spots were painful – even had acne along the hairline ! Skin did appear brighter but the acne spots lasted a few days on the skin and hairline/scalp. I was honestly very shocked at the irritation it caused my skin despite the ingredients specifically used to calm and sooth acne skin.

Where I purchased it? Cost?

Bought at Sasa store in Hong Kong at roughly 21 Hong Kong dollars per mask.

Ingredients :

Sadly could not find ANY ingredient list online and my translating app couldn’t properly translate the packaging ingredient list. 😦

Disclaimer : Writer is not affiliated to any of the brands or stores mentioned. This is an independent review.


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