👻October Sheet Mask Empties!🕷

Reviews are/will be posted on the blog itsYlife.com and on IG!

From top to bottom left to right:
🌿I’m Real Tea Tree Mask by TonyMoly
🍯Bombee Honey Whitening Mask by Papa Recipe
💦Dermask Vital Hydra Solution by Dr Jart+
🍯Honey Mask by Sephora
💧Amino Moisture Mask by Leaders Mediu
🐱Collagen Cat Animal Mask by Berrisom
🌊Deep Sea Water Mask by Sooae
🐼Blackberry Panda Animal Mask by Berrisom
💆🏽All That Contours by Dr Jart+
Dr Logy Blemish Mask by TonyMoly
🌞Brightening Infusion by Dr Jart+

IG: @yashodasingh & @beauty_itsYlife
Twitter: @itsYlife_


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