Product tested by Yashoda.

Name of Product :

Organic Rosewater by Pukka Herbs.

Unique Ingredient:

Damask Rose : 1kg of fresh flower petals to make 1ltr of rosy elixir! From their website : Pukka Rosewater has a pH of approximately 5.5+/-0.5 depending on the batch. Our Rosewater is obtained by double steam distillation of fresh, organically grown roses so it naturally contains a high content of between 0.09-0.2% of essential oil.

Pros :

  • Organic and simple ingredients
  • Refreshing and cooling
  • Heavenly smell
  • Great pick me up!

Cons :

  • Nothing, some may think it is expensive but you’re getting an ORGANIC product in a glass bottle – so it’s totally worth it.

My Review :

5/5 stars!! I would repurchase and buy more as back-up!

Packaging : In a glass bottle and a spray that works wonderfully. Beautiful packaging.

Product : Just amazing. I love this rosewater – it not only helps tone my skin, but I use this liberally to make me feel more awake and perked up. I used to use this extensively during medical school when I would study for hours on end and it really helped refresh me and helped me to keep burning that midnight oil. It also really helps my skin to cool down so it’s great for hot summer days.

Where I purchased it? Cost?

I bought it in Ireland at a Health Food Store called Nourish for 19 euros.

Ingredients :

Organic ingredients: Rosa damascena (Rose) flower water, geraniol+, citronnellol+, eugenol+. +Naturally occurs in ingredients

Disclaimer : Writer is not affiliated to any of the brands or stores mentioned. This is an independent review.


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