Product tested by Yashoda.

Name of Product :

Grease Lightning Tea Tree & Aloe Gel by Lush Cosmetics. 1.5oz (45g). Made in Canada.

From the Lush website : Cleanse and soften upset skin with a gentle herbal infusion of thyme, tea tree and rosemary. This super effective cleansing gel makes easy work of problematic dirt and oil, and a calming blend of organic aloe vera gel and grape juice soothes and calms irritated skin. Dab on any problem areas, wait a tick, and your skin will feel clean and refreshed in no time.

Unique Ingredients:

Tea Tree : this plant is a bush originating in Australia. It is well known to treat blemishes due to it’s purifying anti-bacterial properties.

Aloe Vera : this plant is a desert plant and is well known to soothe burns, especially sunburns, as well as soothe, protect and cool the skin. The plant is amazing and not only can it’s flesh be used for skin, it can also be made into a juice to ingest or even into a hair treatment!

Pros :

  • Organic, natural ingredients used when possible
  • Easy to use packaging that is 100% recycled plastic
  • Against animal testing/Vegan
  • Absorbs into skin well
  • Non-sticky
  • Able to mix other oils into this gel
  • Layers well with the rest of your skincare products

Cons :

  • Too “watery” for my liking – I was expecting more of a gel/jelly like consistency
  • Results aren’t as instant as if you were to use tea tree oil and/or aloe vera independently
  • Overpriced for what you get
  • Does not cleanse skin as their website states it can be used for


My Review :

⅗. I would not repurchase. While I do like the ingredient list, I find I get better results with using pure Tea Tree Oil and/or Aloe Gel separately.

Packaging : Simple, classic Lush packaging. Easy to use squirt bottle that is 100% recycled plastic. Hygienic.

Product : Watery/gel consistency – quite runny. I did not find that it healed or sped up the IMG_6155healing process of acne or any cysts on my face. I found that if I used pure Tea Tree Essential Oil and/or pure Aloe Vera (from my home plant) that was more effective. This could possibly be due to the fact that they are using a rosemary and tea tree oil infusion and not tea tree by itself. I also did not find that it could be used as a “cleansing gel” as their website states. I eventually used this as a “carrier” for my Organic Tea Tree Essential Oil and the soothing elements of this product helped my Tea Tree oil to get absorbed better and I found that more effective than using this product alone. Occasionally I also mixed this with Lavender Oil for the same “carrier” effect. However, it did get absorbed into my skin well and was not sticky. It did not cause any redness, irritation or tingling. Mild scent – not as strong as tea tree oil smells individually.

Where I purchased it? Cost?

I bought this at the Philadelphia Walnut St Lush Cosmetics store for $14.95 USD.

Ingredients :

Thyme (Thymus Vulgaris (Thyme) Extract) Rosemary and Tea Tree Infusion (Thymus Vulgaris, Rosmarinus O (Rosmarinus Officinalis (Rosemary) Leaf Extract) Water (Aqua) Organic Aloe Vera Gel (Aloe barbadensis) Sea Water Grape Juice (Vitis vinifera) Carrageenan Extract (Chondrus crispus) (Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract) Lavender Oil (Lavandula Angustifolia (Lavender) Oil) Witch Hazel Extract (Hamamelis virginiana) *Linalool Fragrance Methylparaben

Disclaimer :Writer is not affiliated to any of the brands or stores mentioned. This is an independent review.


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