This past Saturday, I went to the Sephora Eaton Center store for a Skin Fit 60-minute in-store hydrating oxygen infused facial. This is my second time having this done to me and my first experience was very positive at my local Mapleview Mall store. Both myself and my mom had facials going on side by side.

This time the experience was very different, and not for good reasons!

Click here to read my review of my first experience !

The facial starts with a mini-consultation where the associate asks you what type of skin you have, what concerns you have, what your current routine is, what products and brands you use.

I mentioned that I was very interested in trying out products from Tatcha as I wanted to buy some of their gift sets during the rouge sale but it was sold out online. I told her which ones I wanted to use, but weirdly enough, she came back with NONE of those products.

Here is a list of the products used on my face : (*she brought out another mask and eye patch which she did not use – see below*)

  1. Green Clean Makeup Meltaway Cleansing Balm by Farmacy
  2. Cucumber De-Tox Foaming Cleanser by Peter Thomas Roth
  3. Classic Rice Enzyme Powder by Tatcha
  4. Black Tea Age-Delay Instant Infusion Treatment Toner by Fresh
  5. Skin Hydrating Booster by Dermalogica
  6. Clarifying Mask by Tata Harper
  7. Honey Drop Lightweight Moisturizer by Farmacy
  8. Lip Sleeping Mask by Laneige *I applied this myself


Here is a list of the products used on my mom’s face :

  1. One Step Camelia Cleansing Oil by Tatcha
  2. Peony Brightening Moisturizing Facial Toner by Fresh
  3. The Essence by Tatcha
  4. C-Firma Day Serum by Drunk Elephant
  5. Pure Nurture Facial Water by Ole Henriksen
  6. Un-Wrinkle Peel Pads by Peter Thomas Roth
  7. 24K Gold Mask by Peter Thomas Roth
  8. Hyaluronic Cloud Hydra Gel Eye Patches by Peter Thomas Roth
  9. Vitamin Nectar Moisture Glow Face Cream by Fresh
  10. Black Tea Age-Delay Eye Concentrate by Fresh
  11. Deep Hydration Firming Eye Serum by Tatcha

The facial is done in-store, which means, that there is NO privacy, you have to listen to the loud store murmur and loud store music which is not relaxing at all. The worst part about it at this store, was that other associates were not respectful of the service I was getting done, and were happy to distract, talk and even gossip with the associate doing my facial.

There was NUMEROUS occasions where I was left lying in the chair while my associate was chatting and gossiping with other store associates who would literally stand next to us and just chat. I overheard so many conversations such as “oh what products did you say I should use for my skin, look it is so oily today” or “how does this lipstick look on me, I just put on the Marc Jacobs one – do you like it”. Another associate even came by to ask how they use the airbrush machine for the oxygen infusion part and the lady doing the facial spent about 5 minutes explaining to her how it is done – all of this during MY 60-minute time – especially for me as a PAYING customer!!!! Not only that, I was left alone for periods at a time, with no explanation, and my associate was nowhere to be found.

They are also supposed to do TWO masks but this lady conveniently skipped the second one and skipped the hand massage because of reasons listed below. Even look at how she applied the first mask to my face – so patchy and uneven.IMG_6378

What infuriated me the most was that her friend came in store and the associate stopped, hugged her friend, and talked to her!!! They talked about some outfit she picked out and blah blah blah, literally all of this while I am still lying in the chair!! She even told her friend, oh why don’t you stick around for a facial? – only after I got up and stared at them, did she finally say “oh I’m actually in the middle of this, I will talk to you later.” But even that didn’t last long, her friend was back again and that is when my facial got rushed up. She did not apply the second mask despite telling me she was going to and at the end she did not offer me any samples – which I was told was part of the skin fit. She also told me that since I had no questions, she didn’t have anything else to really tell me since I know what I am doing…. Uh?

My mom’s experience was marginally better, as she was offered samples and her associate wasn’t gossiping with friends BUT I watched numerous times (especially since I was left alone for periods at a time with no reason given) as her associate was either cleansing her face or applying another product and was looking and chatting to another associate – and literally not even paying attention to what she was doing. She would start by being conscious not to rub over my mom’s eyes but as she got distracted and stopped looking at what she was doing, I could see my mom flinch as she would rub her fingers in a dis-orderly fashion over her face, over her eyes and it just looked so uncomfortable.

After all of that, we were told we had to get out of the chair because there was another facial after mine. And low and behold, it was my associate’s friend who disrupted my facial, cut it short, and now I had to get up and leave because of this.

Honestly, Sephora, I am disgusted with this service and really shocked that your associates at the Eaton Center mall have absolutely no respect for customers, and even rouge members.

I had a great experience the first time I had this done at my local Sephora store but clearly there is no consistency across stores and there is no quality control measures being done to improve.

*the Skin Fit facial is available to all customers with a $75 in-store purchase*

2 thoughts on “My Second Experience with the Skin Fit 60 minute in-store Hydrating Oxygen Infused Facial at Sephora

  1. Hi there, I was just about to book an appointment at this location, I’m so glad I stumbled upon your article before I did so. What was the other sephora location you had gone to the first time? Im thinking about the Sherway location now


    1. Hi so sorry for the delay, I was travelling and just got back home. I have not been to the Sherway location – only the Eaton and Mapleview ones. I did enjoy Mapleview but that may be a bit far for you to travel to. Hope you enjoy your facial!


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