If you read the title and saw the photo, you’re probably wondering – WHAT is that! It’s shaped like a pizza but I don’t see any toppings – and it doesn’t even fit on the plate!!

Well, this is a PANEER MASALA DOSA from Saravanaa Bhavan!

A dosa is a South Indian delicacy – basically a Indian style crepe filled with curry or masala! It is so savory, crispy and delicious.

The paneer dosa has pieces of paneer (or Indian cheese) mixed with a masala curry. You eat this with your hands by breaking off a piece of the dosa with the inner filling and either eating it plain, or dipping it into the sambhar or any of the chutneys on the side, or all of the above!

There are also so many variations of a dosa and so many types of fillings. I’ve had it served as a cone, rolled up, flat, rolled up like “sushi”, or simply just folded over. You can also get a variety called “paper” where the crepe is very very thin and crispy – this one likely will be so large that it’s going off your table! I even saw one that was 5 feet long – good luck finishing that one. There’s tons of filling choices too from sweet to savory. I love it!

I recommend Saravanaa Bhavan because it is a world-wide chain so for all my international followers – there’s likely one near you that you can try out!


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