Product tested by Yashoda.

Name of Product :

Castor Enriched Herbal Hair Oil by Ancient Formulae. 200ml. Made in India.

Unique Ingredients/Material :Castor Oil : 1) Use on the scalp prevents and actually treats hair loss! 2) It is antibacterial and antifungal so it helps prevent and treat dandruff, scalp infections and folliculitis. 3) It is very high in Vitamin E, minerals, proteins, omega 6 and 9 and fatty acids. It contains Ricinoleic acid that balances the pH of your scalp, which can become disturbed from other products you’re using on your scalp. 4) Antioxidants! This helps support keratin in your hair which means your hair will become softer, smoother, stronger and less frizzy. Amazing right!

My Review :

5/5 – LOVE IT. This oil is best for those who want softer, thicker, denser, shinier hair and IMG_6282hair that is less frizzy, easier to style and want results that last more than just one hair wash.

Packaging : Simple, nice traditional Indian photo. Plastic bottle (which I am not a fan of for keeping/heating oils in) but it is easy to squirt out onto scalp.

Product : Red in colour. Thick and sticky oil consistency – which is a natural characteristic of Castor Oil. Easy to apply with the bottle. Does not stain – I accidentally dropped a few drops of oil on my t-shirt and was surprised that it completely dried up without any oil stain! I first heat the oil until warm and then apply to scalp while massaging it in. I usually keep this on overnight (make sure you place towels over pillows/couches or anything your head may come into contact with) or sometimes I apply it first thing in the AM and wash it out at night. The oil treatment makes me feel calm and relaxed.

After removal : After double shampoo and light conditioner, my hair feels very very soft, denser, more voluminous and shinier!

Hair even styles much better – I get less frizz, more manageability, better use with hot tools.

Effects lasts 2-3 washes. If you regularly treat your scalp to nourishing oil treatments, your hair will grow faster, thicker and you will have less fall out and greying.

Where I purchased it? Cost?

I purchased this at an Indian grocery store. You can purchase this online for various prices ($4-10+) per seller.

Ingredients :

Refined Vegetable Oil, Castor Oil, Parfum, Red (3366, 2615, 12150), Tertiary Butyl Hydroxyl Quinone.

Disclaimer : Writer is not affiliated to any of the brands or stores mentioned. This is an independent review.


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