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First day in Kuta :

Checked in at the Kuta Seaview Resort and Spa.

My thoughts on the hotel :

  • This is a 4 star hotel located steps away from Kuta beach. It was great, I loved it!
  • The rooms were Balinese style and very comfortable beds.
  • Besides hotel rooms, they have cute cottages which looked perfect for a larger family.
  • We ate at the breakfast buffet every morning at the Rosso Vino restaurant – they had a good selection of food including enough for me as a vegetarian.
  • We rested poolside for most of the mornings – they had comfortable pool loungers available on a first come first served basis. Most afternoons, we hung out by the Kuta Beach and enjoyed using the outdoor shower by the pool to rinse off beach sand before getting either into their pool or back to our rooms.
  • They also had daily activities included : we took part in the towel art lessons so now I can make towel swans, frogs and elephants!
  • I visited their spa for a pedicure – there are tons of nail salons in Kuta itself but for hygienic reasons, I opted to go to the hotel spa instead. It ended up being a 1.5 hour pedicure but they did a great job and some pretty nail art.
  • I also really liked the location of the hotel : it was close to the beach, restaurants and cafes (Starbucks yay!). We could also walk to other restaurants, nightlife and the waterpark mentioned below.


We started off our day with Balinese massages at our Ubud hotel before heading over to Kuta. It was about an hour to an hour and a half taxi journey from hotel to hotel. Driving into Kuta – it was so different than Ubud! There were so many tourists including surfers everywhere, souvenir shops galore and lots of restaurants and cafes.

We started the day by explored the hotel and pool areas then got ready to see Kuta come alive at night.

We had reservations for dinner at the Azul Beach Club and Tiki Restaurant. This was an open air restaurant and Bali’s first Tiki bar! Their food, drinks and music was excellent.

After dinner, we moved our party along to some recommended nightlife spots.

First we ended up at Alley Cats – it’s literally in an alley! It was recommended to us as a ‘hidden gem’ of sorts and a popular place for young people to hangout. It was busy spot, but they were playing good hit music and with their free WiFi – we were kept entertained with a game on the phone. But honestly, even if you didn’t have something to keep you occupied, I think just people watching here would be fun in itself.

Next we were recommended to go into the main area of Kuta to Paddy’s Irish Pub. Since I was travelling with 3 Irish girls and I am basically ‘Irish’ having lived there for 7 years, we were excited to explore but were disappointed when we discovered there was nothing Irish about it except for the name! It was fairly busy and we enjoyed their laser lights but were shocked to see a Balinese ‘Michael Jackson’ perform on stage which was actually hilarious!

Lastly, we entered Sky Garden Bali after hearing all the hype. There are multiple floors here and is the main venue for world-renowned DJs. It was huge and we enjoyed it as there were many floors with different music – so if you liked house, trance music they had a floor for that, if you liked more top hit music, there was a floor for that. We also made our way to a quiet outdoor area which was a great way to get fresh air in between the craziness going on inside. It was definitely not a boring place!

Second day in Kuta :

This day was more of a relaxed day especially after being out late the previous night.

We started off by going to Kuta Beach. I watched two of my friends surf the waves as I got harassed by locals trying to give me a massage, braid my hair, or sell me things. It actually got annoying because they don’t go away even if you say you’re not interested. But anyways, the sand was warm and it was really nice soaking in some sun, watching surfers and people watching.


I then made my way over to the Beachwalk shopping center. It was about a 10 minute walk from the hotel which was awesome! Not only is it architecturally beautiful, there was also a great selection of stores. I bought a few items from TopShop and Zara.

For dinner, we walked over to the Hard Rock Cafe. I’ve been to their restaurants in almost every major city I’ve travelled to, so it was cool to see it in Bali.

Third day in Kuta :

The day started off with a splash, literally at Waterbom Water Park. We were so impressed with this water park, not only because it’s #1 in Asia, but because it was very well planned between rides, restaurants and green spaces, very clean and the lines moved quick! We really enjoyed the slides including the more extreme 26m instant free fall slide. The entire park is cash free – you get a bracelet which you load with money that you can use throughout, also the locker key is also a bracelet so you don’t have to worry about a physical key to carry around. Overall awesome spot, you have to go here!

In the late evening, we took a one hour taxi from Kuta to have a sunset dinner at Potato Head Beach Club. It’s a stunning venue and a busy spot. We enjoyed a delicious dinner – seriously tasty food! The sunset on the beach overlooking the Indian Ocean was beautiful and I definitely recommend checking it out.


Before heading back to Kuta, we walked to KU DE TA. This was a more classy beach club with comfortable loungers, eclectic soulful music and yummy drinks. Honestly wish I had more time to explore this spot, their restaurant area looked stunning.


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