I visited the Bite Beauty Lip Lab in Queens West, Toronto during Black Friday as they had an offer where if you make an appointment for a custom lipstick shade, you get a free metallic shade of your choice .

I love supporting local cosmetic companies – proud to be Canadian! All of Bite Beauty’s products are made in Toronto! The other great thing about this is that you get a shade that isn’t sold anywhere else and is made uniquely for you.


My appointment was at 11am and both my mom and I were so excited! We spent the evening before trying on different lip shades and trying to figure out what colour we wanted to make.


For those of you who don’t know what the Lip Lab is, here’s a short description from their website:

  1. Experience the art of making your very own personalized lipstick.
  2. A bold red for example, is that much more powerful when tailored to your skin tone and personality. It’s as though the customization process lets you express exactly what you want to say – in red.
  3. You’ll sit down with our Lip Lab artists, who are highly trained in the art of creating your perfect shade. They will walk you through hand selecting your custom texture and flavour.


My mom and I did the Custom Lipstick option and our appointment lasted about an hour. We met our lip lab artist who guided us through the process and started off by giving us the Agave lip scrub to clean and exfoliate our lips before testing any colours.

The first step in making our custom colour was to decide what pigment we wanted. I chose Mauve and my mom chose a pinky-peach colour.

The lip lab artist then asked us what type of finish we wanted – we both chose Amuse Bouche which is like a satin finish. Other options were matte creme or glossy sheer.

He then pulled out various shades that he thought would match with our complexion. He mixed the colour by dragging it back and forth with the finish and then gave it to us to try. After trying out the first sample, we altered it a bit and he made a second shade to try but both of us loved our first shade so we ended up choosing that.

The last step of the process was to pick the scent we wanted. We both chose Violet which is a beautiful floral scent – not to overwhelming but just perfect. Other options were cherry, mint, vanilla, mango, wild berry, coconut and citrus.


After completing the formula for our lipstick, he mixed it and poured into the mold which went on a frozen table to solidify. After a few minutes, he popped the lipsticks into the container and we had our custom shades!

The Black Friday metallic colour was also exciting – there was 3 pigments to choose from.


 A gold, a bronzy colour and rose gold-iredescent glitter. He also showed us their new product which is going to be released soon – UNICORN PEARL!I loved the unicorn colour but unfortunately we could not choose that one since it was not released as yet. We both picked the rose gold colour which was beautiful.

We really enioyed our visit and love the custom lip colours !! The final packaging was also adorable and I encourage you to check out their other labs in New York and San Francisco.



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