I moved to NJ, USA in June of 2018 and since starting a new residency training program and working a lot at the hospital/clinic, I haven’t had much time to review masks.

But here is a some of the empties that I had saved over the last few months. I really enjoyed about 90% of the masks pictured above, especially the Farmacy hydrogel mask (probably best hydrogel mask I’ve used so far!) also shout out to the Rose Mask by Esfolio (best Rose mask yet- better than Nature Republic one which I found had a tacky leftover residue).  Of note, the Activated Charcoal and Manuka Honey mask by Rata and Co was very ‘authentic’ in the sense that they used actual activated charcoal so I found the mask to be gritty, a little stiff and I had to wash my face off after which was slightly irritating. I also enjoyed the Americano Mask  – it smelled like a nice freshly brewed cup of coffee which was relaxing. The rest of the masks above were good and I don’t have anything bad to say.
IG: @yashodasingh & @beauty_itsYlife
Twitter: @itsYlife_

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