100% Grape Juice in the Douro Valley, Portugal

🇵🇹[ D O U R O Valley ] sippin’ on the best tasting grapes I’ve ever had with a view of the Douro Valley at Pinhão - 100% pure grapes, no sugar added, it was simply delicious 🍇 • http://www.itsYlife.com http://www.facebook.com/itsYlife IG: @yashodasingh & @beauty_itsYlife Twitter: @itsYlife_


Orange Groves in the Algarve, Portugal

🇵🇹I was driving through the Algarve region and had to stop and taste an orange. It was extremely fragrant, juicy and so sweet!! These orange tree farms were everywhere and as far as your eye can see!🍊 Even better, in this region you can get fresh orange juice from almost anywhere including the grocery store! • … Continue reading Orange Groves in the Algarve, Portugal

🍧[ Pasión del Casco (Maracuya) @ Rass ]🍧

🍧[ Pasión del Casco (Maracuya) @ Rass ]🍧 This was well needed after walking in the heat of Panamá City! The fresh Passion Fruit tang topped with a sugary syrup over shaved ice was simply delicious🍧 photo 1 shows the drink with a background of the Pacific Ocean with Panamá City and photo 2 shows … Continue reading 🍧[ Pasión del Casco (Maracuya) @ Rass ]🍧


[ the IMPOSSIBLE & the BEYOND B U R G E R ] @ BareBurger NYC These 100% vegan burgers were mindblowingly satisfying! | 🍔Impossible = Compared to cows, the Impossible Burger uses 95% less land, 74% less water, and creates 87% less greenhouse gas emissions. The burger is made from simple, all-natural ingredients such … Continue reading [ the IMPOSSIBLE & the BEYOND B U R G E R ]